Aquatic Therapy

pbbs aquatic therapyAquatic Therapy Program, located in the Wellington office, uses the physical properties of water to assist in healing and exercise performance.

It is especially helpful in providing relief of low back and neck pain as well as strengthening and conditioning muscles.

Physical Therapy

physical therapyPhysical therapy is a conservative treatment which concentrates on one’s ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. The science of physical therapy rests on the belief that full and functional movement is key to a healthy body. Our therapists hold advanced degrees and are specially trained in rehabilitation for orthopedic and spine surgeries, movement impairment, functional limitation and musculoskeletal injuries. For your convenience we offer physical therapy services at some of our offices.

The Patient Experience

pbbs patient experienceWe strive to provide compassionate and exceptional service to all our patients. We are passionate about focusing on the smallest of details to assure that your physical comfort, educational and emotional needs are met.