Spine Fusion Surgery

What is Back (Spine) Fusion Surgery?

Interbody Spine Fusion Surgery allows integrity to be restored to the spine after a bad disc is removed. It helps to stabilize the spine and reduce pain. It is the uniting of two bony segments, whether a fracture or a vertebral joint. In time, normally within 4 months, the bone grafts will unite with the vertebrae above and below to form one piece of bone.

The reasons for the operation are to remove the degenerative disc , separate the two vertebral bodies, as they were before the disc degenerated and keep them in that position by interposing several pegs of bone (bone graft).

What is done during a Spinal Disc Fusion Surgery?

There are a number of techniques for an interbody fusion of the lumbar spine. First the suregon removes the lamina or the portion of the vertebra that covers the nerves . Removing the lamina relieves some of the pressure on the spine.

Then any disc herniation that may be pinching the nerve roots is removed, just like in Microdiscectomy. Rods are secured to the spine with screws in order to hold the discs in place while the bone graft fuses. Bone grafts are added. The incision is closed. The bone graft will fuse over time.