Can You Really Cure Your Back Pain With Chocolate?

You would be amazed at the different measures people take to cure their back pain. It’s not their fault. With new conflicting studies appearing daily on morning shows, it’s no wonder people are confused about what really works.

Which Chocolate Cures Best

chocolate-cure-back-pain-wpbThe Aztec and Mayan cultures believed cacao was given to them by the Gods. They would turn chocolate into a hot sultry drink drink by adding spices and chili powder. This concoction was perfect for Aztec and Mayan cultures, but when Columbus and his men tried the drink they could not drink it. Sugar was added to chocolate and this addition reduced it’s healing properties.

From the 1500’s to the 1700’s chocolate was attributed to medicinal uses to increase stamina and sexual prowess, calm, reduce angina and asthma, fight cancer, reduce emaciation, reduce fever, relieve hoarseness, quench thirst, and clean teeth. However, according to Heritage Daily, most of these claims today have been disproved.

One of the reasons is when sugar is added to chocolate, the positive affects are negated. Dark chocolate which contains at least 70% cocoa is the type that should be eaten to give health benefits.

Dark chocolate contains fiber, minerals, and caffeine. It is a great source of antioxidants, improves blood flow, lower blood pressure, reduce insulin resistance, and provide sun protection of your skin. However the fat in chocolate is saturated and can cause other problems if over consumed. This is why only an ounce of dark chocolate after dinner is the recommended amount.

So can you use chocolate to cure your back pain? Probably not. While chocolate does give a short term instant mood lift, it hasn’t been shown to be a long term pain solution. Go ahead and enjoy dark chocolate, it can lift your spirits, but don’t put off back surgery which can correct your back injury and give permanent relief. Call 561-291-7228 for FREE MRI review.

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