Spine Doctor in West Palm Beach Shares The New Exercise Daily Minimum

west palm beach spine doctor shares exerciseYou’re probably already familiar with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) recommended guidelines of exercising for 150 minutes a week (or 30 minutes of brisk activity a day for 5 days). However, a recent Global Burden of Disease study suggests that in order to significantly reduce the risk of serious chronic illnesses, people should actually get 5 times that amount of activity.

Before you break out in a cold sweat, know that you can achieve this new minimum level of exercise in a number of ways, and they don’t all involve logging hours on a treadmill.

Short Bursts of Fitness Reap Long-Term Benefits

One of the study’s primary researchers acknowledged that short bursts of moderate activity can lead to major gains in health benefits. By incorporating the following activities into your daily life, you can achieve the recommended amount of minimum exercise.

Sample Activities Include:

Climbing stairs for 10 minutes
Vacuuming for 15 minutes
Gardening for 20 minutes
Running for 20 minutes
Walking or cycling for transportation for 25 minutes

What to Do if You Have Too Much Back or Neck Pain To Exercise

Sneaking fitness into your day might may be too hard if you live with chronic pain. If your neck or back is too sore you probably haven’t enjoyed simple activities like gardening, vacuuming, riding your bike, or picking up your grandchild in a long time.

If this is the case for you, it’s time to get serious about finding a Spine Doctor in West Palm Beach to perform your neck or back surgery. Surgery can not only help you relieve your chronic pain symptoms, it can help you reach the new exercise minimum, which in turn can reduce your risk of stroke, breast cancer, bowel cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

If you’re ready to end your pain and start getting back to doing activities you love, then contact us today at 561-291-7228.

Dr. Amos Dare is a board certified neurosurgeon who performs neck and back surgery in West Palm Beach, Wellington, Coconut Creek, Miami, Stuart, Jacksonville Florida. Call 561-291-7228 to check if we accept your insurance.

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