Relieving Stress & Tension

Helps Keep Spine Healthy

Our society and fast pace makes our lives full of stress and tensions. Did you know that the health of your neck may be at risk with these mounting pressures? So, what can you do to help alleviate tension and reduce neck pain?

  • Take frequent rest breaks during the work day. A couple of minutes will do the trick. Take deep breaths, walk around the office, do some stretching anything that get you ready for your next ask.
  • Relaxation is also helpful. During your lunch break, take 10 minutes to lie down, listen to music, or visualize a relaxing scene.
  • If you are doing any activity for a prolonged period of time including computer work, your body needs a chance to recover. Take a minute break at work and when home, give yourself some additional time to recover.
  • Try to keep your muscles relaxed. Tensing them causes tension.
  • Keep an even pace at work. Last minute changes or deadlines are sure tension causers.
  • Microbreaks (20 to 30 seconds) during the day can help relieve tension. Take deep breaths, get something to drink, walk to the end of the hall.
  • Changing your position at your desk will help keep your neck and spine flexible. Sit for a bit, then stand. Plan ways to get the job done using different positions.
  • Caffeine and tobacco can increase stress levels, reduce blood flow and increase your awareness of back and neck pain. So, drink decaffeinated beverages and don’t smoke.

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